Entertaining Sunshine: Part One

Entertaining Sunshine: Part one

As baby Sunshine is getting older it’s both easier and harder to entertain her at the same time. She is more interactive and interested in her environment, but she also gets bored easily. As a stay at home Mom I am her primary playmate, so I have to work hard to keep her from getting bored with me. I am starting a series of posts sharing a few ways I pass the time and keep Sunshine entertained. This will be an ongoing series as her interests change, she grows, and I discover new ways to keep her engaged and entertained!

Funny Faces & Chatting

My little girl loves funny faces and babbling chats with me. I try to repeat the sounds she makes back at her, she really enjoys it. Recently she started blowing bubbles constantly, so I blow bubbles back! Easy, simple, fun. Sunshine also likes making faces at herself. Best way to do that aside from a mirror? My iMac’s photo booth application!

Us playing around in iMac Photo Booth.

Us playing around in iMac Photo Booth.

Baby Sign Language

I am teaching Sunshine a few basic signs like Mother, Father, milk, and eat. Next I want to start drink, more, diaper, Grandpa, Grandma, dog, and cat. She absolutely loves staring up at me while I sign to her. There are tons of free sign language sources online to get you started, and if you want in-person help you can look for baby sign classes near you.

Here are two of my favorite online resources:

Books and other High-Contrast Activities

Another obvious one, reading! Of course you should read to your child from an early age, but who says you can’t let your baby start reading in their own way as well? My favorite way to let my three month old “read” on her own is a high-contrast black, white, and red book. Look, Look!  by Peter Linenthal is her favorite. She also enjoys Baby Animals Black and White by Phyllis L. Tildes.

If you can’t afford a board book right now, then how about downloading and printing these cards from So Smart! So Smart also includes some tips on how to engage your baby. Another free resource comes from Fisher-Price: they have a plethora of free apps for baby available for iPhone and iPad. If you are comfortable with allowing your little one to look at screens (I personally don’t have a problem with it as long as it isn’t constant exposure), then these apps are awesome. Sunshine’s favorite baby app is the Fisher-Price B&W High Contrast App. It features adorable moving animals in black, white, and red and music you can turn on or off.

Checking out her Look, Look! book during a diaper/outfit change.

Checking out her Look, Look! book during a diaper/outfit change. Gotta love her facial expressions.


Babies love to watch what you’re doing. Why not wear baby around the house while you’re doing chores so she can watch? Sunshine loves watching me cook, clean, do laundry, dishes, anything really! She also enjoys the bonding time. I have a Moby and an Ergo carrier, but I just ordered my first woven carrier. I will let you know how that goes once that gets here! 🙂

Sunshine looking around Sam's Club while she's in her Moby wrap.

Sunshine looking around Sam’s Club while she’s in her Moby wrap.


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