Meet the Granolaish Household

Sarah a.k.a Mom


I’m a first-time Mom to a baby girl born in March (nicknamed Sunshine). I planned on using disposable diapers and formula. In reality I am cloth diapering and breastfeeding! I’m the primary author of this blog. Please come back and follow my journey with my little girl and how I’ve become a little granolaish. 😉

Josh a.k.a Dad

DadandbabypmSunshine’s Dad is my nerdy hubby. We met 5 years ago by chance on a study abroad trip to Japan. Yay, alphabetical seating! Dad is a software geek by day, super Dad by night. He’s along for the ride as we learn together since he’s a first-time parent, too.

Eleanor a.k.a Sunshine

sunshinepmBorn in March of 2013, Sunshine’s job in the Granolaish household is to grow! She loves playing, dirtying diapers, boobies, and Winnie the Pooh.


charlottepmCharlotte is our Bichon Frise. She’s Sunshine’s guard dog, and best friend.


tiberiuspmOur Beagle boy is still growing out of puppyhood. He is very energetic and LOVES the outdoors.


IsadoraPMIzzy is our La Perm mix kitty. She’s the first kitty I’ve ever had the privilege of having as a pet. Izzy was rescued from a hoarder home, and is very rambunctious!


malpmMal, named after Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, is our sweet black kitty. He’s laid back, low key, and likes to hang out with us on his terms. One of his quirks? Splashing the water bowl until it spills everywhere.




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