Bamboobies Review

When I started breastfeeding I used disposable nursing pads. While they served their purpose, I grew tired very fast of buying box after box after box. I have an oversupply and my boobs leak a lot. I mean…a lot. My baby is 3 months old and they’re STILL leaking a lot, does this ever end?! Anyway, I zoomed through a 100-count box of disposable nursing pads in just a few weeks. The money-saving side of me decided to look into other options. That was when I remembered Bamboobies, and I decided to give them a try. I purchased the Bamboobies reviewed here myself, Bamboobies did not provide them or request that I review their product.

Lucky for me Babies R Us was having a sale of buy one box get the other discounted (I think it was 20 or 40% off). So I was able to try out a mixed box of regular and overnight Bamboobies and an additional box of overnights for a discounted price. I thought I would probably need more overnights than regular Bamboobies because of my tendency to leak heavily.  So with no further ado, after months of using Bamboobies with a lot of success and putting them to the test on a road trip here are my honest opinions about Bamboobies!

If you can’t tell already I’m in love with them. They DO feel velvety soft and they are cute. One of my regular pairs washed up a little weird – a little rougher than the others, but even that pair is still soft compared to a disposable nursing pad. Oh yeah that’s the best part about them in case you didn’t realize by now, they wash and dry normally – no special care! I just toss them in my lingerie bag and put them in the washer with the rest of my clothes.

Regular Pair

A pair of regular Bamboobies on top of an Overnight pair.

A pair of regular Bamboobies on top of an overnight pair

The regular have a special heart-shaped design that both looks cute and fits nipples better than the average disposable nursing pad. You can wear the hearts up or down depending on your breast and nipple shape. The shape combined with the thinness make regular Bamboobies virtually invisible under clothes. Even though the pads feel thin, they absorb a ton of liquid since they’re made of a bamboo fabric blend. Bamboo is becoming a very popular fabric because it is soft and incredibly absorbent at the same time. The backing is milk-proof, so even when they’re full Bamboobies do not leak from the back. They actually leak out the sides when they’re full.

Back of regular Bamboobies. Top: Light pink, Middle: Hot pink, Bottom: Black

Back of regular Bamboobies Top: Light pink, Middle: Hot pink, Bottom: Black

I tried wearing one pair of regulars on a road-trip. On a prior 7-hour road trip I used disposables and I was able to use one pair the whole time successfully; however, it is important to note I stopped to nurse multiple times during the trip. On my Bamboobies test trip it was a 2.5 hour drive, but no stopping. So by the time we got settled in at the in-laws house for me to nurse it had probably been 4 or 5 hours since baby ate last. I actually leaked through my shirt on the side I hadn’t nursed yet wearing the regular Bamboobies. The milk didn’t come out the back, it came through each side of the heart onto my bra and then my shirt.

I was a little disappointed, but then again I also wasn’t 100% sure the regular pair would hold up to heavy leaking over a long period of time. So lesson learned: on a roadtrip wear the overnight Bamboobies or change halfway through to a second pair. That being said, on a normal day out and about or just around the house I’ve had luck with regular Bamboobies. I haven’t experienced any leaks yet on the average day. If you aren’t a heavy leaker, you’d probably last on a long trip with no problem.

  • Virtually invisible under clothes
  • Cute colors that work well with virtually any bra and clothing (hot pink, black, light pink)
  • Heart-shaped design
  • Thinner and as a result less noticeable to you as well
  • Super absorbent
  • Silky smooth
  • No special care, just wash and dry normally
  • Not as absorbent as overnights (but they’re not supposed to be), so if you leak heavily you’re going to potentially need a few pairs to get through the day
  • You need to be diligent about changing any leak-proof backed nursing pads once they are full because long-term exposure to wetness on the nipple could create a thrush problem. I’d argue that long-term exposure in a disposable could also lead to thrush as well, but I guess the main difference is breathability factor and a lot of people are more likely to change a disposable faster than a resuable nursing pad.

Overnight Pair


Top: newer pair a few weeks old, bottom: pair used for over two months

Overnight Bamboobies are more of the traditional circular shape. They are also considerably thicker (though still not super bulky) and will absorb a lot more. I’ve never needed more than one pair of overnight Bamboobies to get through the night, so my stash primarily consists of overnights because I figured I can leak through a pair of regulars faster on a long day. You CAN see the overnight pairs through a bra/shirt if it’s tight fighting, so they’re not much different from disposable nursing pads as far as visibility goes.

Back of overnight Bamboobies

Back of overnight Bamboobies

I am happy to say I’ve never leaked through the overnights in one night; however, I have filled up a pair of disposable nursing pads in the same amount of time. I’ve only had leaking issues with the overnight Bamboobies if I didn’t have them in my bra correctly when I fell asleep. Newborn-related fatigue’ll do that to ya.

stainedbamboobiepicmonkeyAs you can see in the bottom pair they wear pretty well, but do stain sometimes. I am not sure if the stain is breastmilk or Lanolin, but my guess is it’s Lanolin. The stains do not bother me because the Bamboobies still function and feel the same.

  • Very absorbent, even more than regular pairs, so awesome for heavy leakers
  • Still silky smooth
  • Need less of them since they last longer between time to change them
  • No special care, just wash and dry normally
  • Visible through form-fitting clothes
  • Not as many colors, only comes in a light blue color
  • Takes just a little longer to dry in the dryer since they’re thicker

So that’s my take on Bamboobies! What do you think of them, have you tried them? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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